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Cravia: Over 25Million Served, Billions More to Go

United Arab Emirates, 3rd of October 2011- What a decade it has been for the people at Cravia – the parent company of the much loved franchises Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Zaatar W Zeit (ZWZ). Born out of a desire to satisfy cravings, the company has grown from its humble beginnings in 2001 to become synonymous with good taste and world class hospitality. From a decade of achievement to a future of progress and expansion, the company has grown in more ways than one – from one Cinnabon outlet in Abu Dhabi, Cravia now owns and operates 23 Cinnabon, 15 Seattle’s Best Coffee and 9 Zaatar W Zeit (ZWZ) outlets. Getting down to the astounding statistics, Cravia has serviced over 25 million customers with a smile in just a decade. The company looks to triple and even quadruple those figures in the next few years with more franchises and outlets in the pipeline as part of Cravia’s strategic expansion plans. Walid Hajj, CEO of Cravia, commented, “Our focus on the future is four fold: organic with our existing brands, geographical into new regional markets, horizontal with new franchises and grass root with our new brand concepts that draw upon years of experience and know-how.” Cravia, itself, has been internationally recognised over the years for remarkable sales growth and development, compassion for the community, performance and excellent consumer service. More recently, Cravia has recorded excellent first two quarter figures for 2011, which are only a prelude to what will be achieved in the coming year and beyond. The company also recognises the voice of its consumers, running leading fan pages on social media networks that allow patrons to share valuable feedback and contribute to the company’s on-going efforts to improve and expand. Hajj continued, “Customers continue to show their love and appreciation for Cravia and its brands, because they realise that to us they are more than just customers, they are our guests. As such, we always treat them to exceptional service with a smile and are ready to hear about ways we can get better. I believe that this has been the key to our success over the years, and that is a fundamental element that will always be a piece of Cravia’s history.” Consumers are not the only fans, employees continue to inject passion in all of their endeavours spurred by their inherent love for the company and all that it stands for. In order to celebrate the support of the employees who have helped make everything possible, Cravia holds annual events – bringing together all employees to recognise notable achievements. All of these come as a token for their hard work and as a reminder to keep working towards another successful decade.