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Cinnabon makes flowers so much sweeter this valentine

Roses are red, Cinnabon is sweet, make this Valentine special, with a Cinnapack treat. Cinnabon, the producer of the world famous cinnamon rolls, is making this Valentine the sweetest smelling yet. Now with every purchase of Cinnabon’s Cinnapacks from the 7th up to the 14th of February, lovers get 25% off a Valentine Bouquet from 800-flower in Dubai Marina. Cinnapacks are a great way to delight in the fresh fabulous flavour anytime, anywhere. These pieces of heaven capture the exquisite taste of Cinnabon rolls made with premium Indonesian cinnamon “Makara” and topped with rich cream cheese-based frosting. Valentine’s Day is not the only good reason to visit your nearest Cinnabon; they’ve added chocolate to their Center of the Roll product. How many of you eat around the Cinnabon, saving the soft centre for last, anxiously awaiting the mouth-watering treat coming your way? Cinnabon came up with a way to capture this tantalizing treasure, from the very first bite. Now, in chocolate, these captivating treats are even better. Visit your nearest Cinnabon available all over the UAE; because this Valentine you don’t have to choose between flowers and sweets, surprise them with both.