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Decorate a Cinnabon for your Mum

Cinnabon is celebrating Mother’s Day with one-of-a-kind rolls, while helping children with autism in the UAE. –To the world she may just be another person, but to you, she is the world. Saying ‘I love you’ with Cinnabon is a special treat this Mother’s Day, and helping children with autism, makes the whole day that much sweeter. Cinnabon, the world famous cinnamon rolls, represented by Cravia in the UAE, is celebrating Mother’s Day at the Dubai Mall from 18-21 March with a fun-filled day where children can decorate their very own roll, any way they like, as a creative token of love for their mothers. The final masterpiece will be wrapped in a special Mother’s Day package to the delight of mother’s all over the UAE. Cinnabon will present children who specially created something for mom with their very own “Certificate of Appreciation”. Speaking about the event, Cinnabon and Seattle’s Best Coffee Brand Manager, Marwan Kandeel, “We know that a smile is the absolute best gift a mother can receive from her child. That’s why we’re celebrating with an activity that both of them can enjoy together. More than just the gift, it’s about the lasting memories that will linger long after the Cinnabon is gone.” Children will donate AED10 for the opportunity to make their own special roll for mom. Cinnabon will then donate the proceeds to Dubai Autism Center. “At Cravia, we believe in the importance of giving back and investing in the community to establish strong bonds while perpetuating the image of our brand. The proceeds of the event will go to bringing smiles to more faces, and a great lesson for the children because helping others can be fun, and it should be.” Join Cinnabon on 18 – 21 March from 4:30 – 8 pm at the lower ground level in the Dubai Mall to make a one-of-a-kind roll, because no mother is the same, and our gifts shouldn’t be either.