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Cinnabon Gets Even Sweeter with Introduction of Cupcakes

United Arab Emirates, 28 October 2011 – After 26 years of making the world’s best cinnamon rolls, Cravia – parent company of much loved franchises – Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Zaatar W Zeit is reinventing the favourite ‘snack cake’ by launching Cinnabon cupcakes in the UAE. “Cupcakes are well-known and well-loved, you can enjoy them sitting down or on-the-go, and they fit perfectly with our current baked-goods and specialty beverages,” said Walid Hajj, CEO of Cravia. “We went back to our roots and worked with the creator of our famous Classic Cinnamon Roll to bring this new product-line to life. We spent a full year testing over 550 different recipes and secret ingredients to get our cupcakes just right – moist, irresistible, high quality and worthy of the Cinnabon name.” Hajj adds “Cinnabon Cupcakes will take the market by a storm because we have an advantage of scale and competitive pricing that our customers will benefit from. Cinnabon Cupcakes is starting with 25 outlets opening simultaneously across different locations in the UAE. None of our competitors can match the exposure we have.” Baked fresh daily in store, the new line includes three delicious flavours: – Chocolate Passion: Moist, decadent chocolate cake topped with rich, chocolate buttercream frosting – Vanilla Bliss: Moist, divine vanilla cake topped with luscious, vanilla buttercream frosting – Red Velvet: Moist, red velvet cake – a cross between vanilla and chocolate flavour – topped with Cinnabon signature cream cheese frosting and with sprinkles and candy hearts. Cinnabon cupcakes come in individual servings and in four-count, half-dozen and dozen packs, making them perfect for a snack on-the-go, for parties or as gifts. Design customization available upon request. “Our motto is that Life Needs Frosting®, so Cinnabon cupcakes are the perfect way to put a little frosting into your day,” added Hajj. “Our Cinnabon cupcake dough is so special that even if you don’t eat them fresh out of the oven, they will stay moist for days after you leave the bakery. You might have tried cupcakes before, but once you eat a Cinnabon cupcake, you will realise that ‘Anything else is just a CupFake! ™’” .