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Kids Rolling & Baking Event in Dubai Marina Mall

Letting the good times roll, children got to make their own cinnamon rolls this DSS at Dubai Marina Mall from the 10th of July to the 16th in a special day for the entire family. The kids had some serious fun as they got to spread, roll, sprinkle, and bake their very own Cinnabon® roll. To make it all more fun, children took home a certificate, along with a Cinnabon® apron and bandana, to certify their statuses as little Cinnabon® Chefs. For the icing on the roll, the kids got to take home their creations to eat and enjoy. If that weren’t enough, the day also included face painting, colouring and a whole lot of Cinnabon® coupons.g. 
With the help of Cinnabon staff, children will spread dough, smearing it with chocolate and cinnamon. They will then roll the dough into the famous Cinnabon rolls before they are sent for baking. After the baking is done children will frost the rolls and ornament them so they can be taken home in a special pack.