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Cravia team at Harvard University in Boston, USA, attending Cravia’s case study classes

The continued success of Cravia has been placed under the spotlight with a new Cravia case study class that has been added to the curriculum of the prestigious Harvard University. Cravia employees flew to Boston, USA, on March 18, 2015 to attend the launch of the case study class, which will be taught at Harvard Business School. There they were joined by senior industry executives from around the world to discuss the group’s ongoing excellence in its scope of operations. During the launch ceremony, Cravia CEO, Mr. Walid Hajj, gave an inspiring speech about his company’s many achievements and the business philosophy that has underpinned its growth and expansion. Such was the impression made by Mr. Hajj that he received a standing ovation from the assembled audience at the close of his address. Now firmly established on the Harvard Business School syllabus, the Cravia case study class will be taught to many students over the years.